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The building was built in the 1920s and purchased by the Curry family in 1939 to house their office supply business. Mr. and Mrs. Curry and their two daughters, Jackie and Janet, lived in this second story of the building. The Curry Building with its 18-inch thick brick walls survived the 1953 Waco tornado although the YMCA came tumbling down on it. The exposed black brick is evidence of two fires deliberately set four months apart in the 1980s.

Greg and Suzanna May happened upon the “for sale” building in October 2017 while looking for a place to house their daughter’s boutique. It was love at first sight and the Mays made an offer to buy the building the afternoon they toured it. The Mays enjoy visiting upscale lounges when vacationing so they soon decided that an upscale lounge bar was the answer for some of the space at the Curry. Suzanna (“Z”) designed the Pretty in Pink Flamingo Boutique project first then turned her attention to the Z’s project. The boutique opened August 7, 2018 and then Z’s at the Curry opened December 11, 2018.




The ornate 18’ flame cut Birch Brunswick Princess bar was produced circa 1911 for a saloon in Butte Falls, Oregon. It is one of the most spectacular, intricate designs Brunswick made. This bar and three others like it were shipped from South America to Oregon. Only two of the four still exist.

Greg and Suzanna May found the bar online offered for sale by an antique restorer and purchased it without ever seeing it. They hired a driver and flew him to Denver where he rented a Penske truck and drove to Wyoming to pick up the bar. It took 4 hours to load the 18’ bar into the truck. Once in Waco, it was tucked away in storage until Z’s was ready for it. It took a forklift, 2 20’ scaffolding walk boards, and great care to get the bar to the second level of the Curry. Now the bar sits in Z’s as if it has always been there.

The Mays took a trip to Butte Falls in June 2019 to find where the bar originated. The locals claimed “the bar” (as they all called it) had been removed during the middle of the night so they were happy to find out what had become of their beloved bar. The Mays enjoyed hearing tales from those who had fond memories sitting at the bar. They look forward to the many new memories that will be made at the bar.






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