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Z’s at the Curry is located on 6th and Washington in the historic downtown district of Waco. Just blocks from the Magnolia Silos, the Curry building is positioned to enjoy glamorous views of the Courthouse and of the ALICO building.

Z’s at the Curry owes its name to the historic roots of the building. Originally built and owned by H.S. “Ted” Curry in 1946, the building once served as a supply depot for the people of Waco. In 1953, the building survived the devastating tornado that tore though the heart of downtown, leveling many of the buildings on either side of the Curry building. Then again, in 1980, the Curry building survived two large fires. Since 1946, the building has been a supply depot, a family home, an apartment to newlyweds, and now, the upscale bar that you see today.

Today, the building stands proud in the heart of downtown. Tastefully renovated, as much of the building’s original features have been preserved as possible. A new roof has been seamlessly blended with the original architecture, while the exposed red bricks remain true to the original form.

For a cultivated taste of Waco’s historic downtown and a more refined experience, come sample our finely crafted cocktails, our expansive wine menu, and our ice cold beers.




The ornate 18′ flame cut Birch Brunswick Princess bar was produced circa 1911 for a saloon in Butte Falls, Oregon. It is one of the most spectacular, intricate designs Brunswick made. This bar and three others like it were shipped from South America to Oregon. Only two of the four still exist.

Greg and Suzanna May found the bar online offered for sale by an antique restorer and purchased it without ever seeing it. They hired a driver and flew him to Denver where he rented a Penske truck and drove to Wyoming to pick up the bar. It took 4 hours to load the 18′ bar into the truck. Once in Waco, it was tucked away in storage until Z’s was ready for it. It took a forklift, 2 20′ scaffolding walk boards, and great care to get the bar to the second level of the Curry. Now the bar sits in Z’s as if it has always been there.

The Mays took a trip to Butte Falls in June 2019 to find where the bar originated. The locals claimed “the bar” (as they called it) had been removed during the middle of the night so they were happy to find what had become of their beloved bar. The Mays enjoyed hearing tales from those who had fond memories sitting at the bar. They look forward to the many new memories that will be made at the bar.


  • Awesome little upscale wine bar with great views from the patio and a classy atmosphere inside. The wine list is rather large and gives you the chance to try a lot of different tasty options, and the service was friendly and helpful in determining a wine that fit my tastes. Overall I would recommend stopping by Z's, ordering a tasty glass of wine, sitting out on the patio with someone you care about, and enjoying a great night!
    Grant Holmes
  • Absolutely beautiful place! Beautiful decor and yummy cocktails. Great wine list. Great place to hang out in downtown Waco!
    Tracy Thompson
  • We love this place! No pictures do justice to this AMAZING PLACE. You have to come here in person and experience it. Everything is top notch quality!!! I highly recommend this place.
    Viviana Smith
  • This place is awesome.......Its about time Waco got an upscale bar like this. The atmosphere is top notch. Check out the specialty drinks along with the great drink specials. The food is great also. You will be impressed!
    Frank Michalek
  • This is my absolute favorite place for wine and drinks in Waco. The owners obviously spared no expense to create a new and exciting experience for Waco. The atmosphere and design are top notch and what I typically only find in a larger city. I specifically like taking my wife for a date, clients for business conversation, and family when they are in town. Highly recommend!
    Randall Smith
  • If you are looking to have a classy time with the absolute hands down best view in town than this is the place. They have some interesting drinks so you can find something you like. service was good. honestly though what caught my attention was the view and overall atmosphere of the bar. you can relax and unwind while enjoying a cocktail.. or in my case a whiskey neat... and literally look over the downtown area. I would strongly recommend giving this place a chance
    John Nugent
  • Hidden gem in downtown Waco with a laid back, old timey vibe, and great views of the Alico. Great drinks and great service.
    Steven Foster
  • Wow. What an incredible bar. Beautiful decor, relaxed environment & well worth a stop in. I had the judge Bourbon flight, and it was exceptional. I'll be back soon
    Andy Tincher
  • Very nice place and loved the service! Will go back soon.
    Kary Turner
  • Just what Waco needs! A beautiful, upscale bar to escape to after a long day at work. Suzanna and Greg are wonderful and welcoming hosts. I look forward to my weekly visits!
    Jennifer Kampermann